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Posted by Ramona on 18th June and posted in Arty Stuff, school

Over the past couple of weeks I have been involved with an art project at my children’s school. To raise some money for the school P & C an Art Auction was organised. Each class in the school had to create a master piece of work which could then be auctioned off at a special weekend function.

Groups of parents liased with the teacher of their allocated class and came up with an agreed idea or theme. Sometimes this tied in nicely with the current class topic. The standard of work and fantastically creative ideas that resulted was amazing. There are some seriously talented parents out there.

To prepare for this I practised a few ideas at home.

Printed yachts using potatoes and acrylic paint.

Printed yachts using potatoes and acrylic paint.

Here was my second idea:

Collage using a variety of card, origami paper and wrapping paper.

Collage using a variety of card, origami paper and wrapping paper.

After having asked a few opinions from those around me and the teacher involved the latter example was chosen. Here is the end result:

Our final piece of artwork!

Our final piece of artwork!

We are all very proud of it, especially the year 2 children involved. Of course, the children were also excited to have their parents in school to help out. So ‘many thanks’ to the parent helpers in my class. The topic in their class at the moment is ‘Transport’ and being a school near the beach it all feels very apt. It was a great learning activity for experiencing team work.

How to create this collage:

  • Collect 2 different colours of card for sea and sky
  • collect a variety of patterned, plain and textured paper for the sails, clouds and flags/ shiny card for the hull of the yachts
  • glue, scissors, frame
  • 3 different sized yacht stencils

Glue down the sky

Tear long strips of card to create waves and stick on sky

Get the children to choose one plain and one patterned piece of paper for the sails. Draw around their sail stencil and cut. Do the same for the hull, choosing a shiny piece of coloured card. Draw around the stencil and cut out. (I numbered my stencils so that the different sizes didn’t get mixed up).

Once all the children have cut out their yachts (and put their initials lightly in pencil on the back, so you don’t mix them up) place them onto the sea and rearrange until you get the best composition. (Do not do this near a open window or door as they will all blow away! :-)

Lay sheet of glass on top and put in frame.

Tip: Remember that the card and paper provided does not have to be new. This  is a great activity for using up scrap bits of paper or recycling bits of wrapping papper, etc.

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  1. Gorgeous! I LOVE this. :)

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  2. Ramona

    Thanks Kat, it was fun to do :-D

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  3. What a beautiful idea!

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